Pest Control Services

Residential Services

Insect identification, monitoring, prevention and control programs. Rodent elimination and control programs. Seasonal fly control programs for stables and barns. Treatments for outside functions including weddings and parties. Inspection, monitoring and consulting on mosquito management

Seasonal programs

Spring and/or fall treatments for cluster flies (these treatments also help reduce lady bugs, pine seed bugs & paper wasps. Seasonal wasp programs (1,2 or 3 times per season) Fall rodent control

Cluster Fly Control

Specializing in the treatment and control of cluster fly problems. Effective treatments and programs for homes, businesses and institutions. Caulking & sealing of entrance points.

Bat exclusion

Safe & humane elimination of bats through exclusion. Identifying points of entry. Installation of one-way doors to prevent bat re-entry. Caulking & sealing of all potential entrance points.

Sealing and pest proofing

Caulking of critical areas such as wall-soffits junctures, around windows & doors and garage doors. Sealing of openings that allow rodent or bird entrance. Screening of vents for bird prevention. Installation of plugs in weeper (drain) holes in brick and stone homes.

Commercial Services

Industrial, commercial and institutional pest management services. Insect and rodent monitoring, prevention and control programs. Fly management including effective treatments for cluster fly problems.

Other Services

Consultation on pest problems and implementation of pest management programs. Insect identification

Service Area

General Services

Municipalities of Halton, Peel, Dufferin South and Wellington East

Cluster Flies

Hwy 89 to the North; Hwy 7/12 to the East; RD 4 through Wingham to the West and Hwy 8 through Stratford and Cambridge to the South.